Monday, September 14, 2009

fashion meme number infinity

1.What are you wearing right now?
I'm in bed so... olive green silk sleep shorts and a gold boys' Boston College t-shirt (it makes for the perfect boxy cropped shirt).

2.What do you wish you were wearing?

3.If you could have one designer make a dress for you who would it be?
Vera Wang. Wedding gown. Duh, every girl's dream.

4.If you could snag one Hollywood star/starlet's style who would it be and why?
Rachel Bilson. She's a fan of pairing classic pieces with trendy, more out there ones to make an outfit her own. She experiments with her style which has evolved gracefully over the years and she knows what flatters her figure (petite, like mine). She also isn't a label snob... she'll pair $300 jeans with a $10 Hanes t-shirt and make it look good.

5.Three items (clothing or accessories) you always will need in your closet:
A leather jacket, a pair of black tights, a little black dress (preferably stretchy and strapless because then it can be scrunched or folded down and turned into a mini skirt or a high-waisted skirt as well; versatility is key).

6.One piece of clothing that you think will never go out of style:
Well fitting, skinny jeans in a dark color. Slim pants are flattering, go with everything, are perfect for all kinds of weather and can be dressed up or dressed down.

7. How do you wear your makeup?
On a daily basis I use Bare Essentials Mineral Makeup (concealer, foundation, bronzer/blush, powder) with lots of really black mascara, black eyeliner, a nude and some kind of dark shadow blended together, and chapstick. When I go out on the weekends I do the same routine except I go way heavier and darker on the eye makeup (and occasionally add liquid liner) to create a smokey eye or I wear a bright red lipstick.

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