Tuesday, March 31, 2009

perfectly hip(pie)

I got these Tuesday.

From Forever 21. For only $22.80. Good deal. They caught my eye the past two times I've been in the store, but I was reluctant to get them since they're a bit out there. And then I realized... it's not the first time I've bought crazy shoes. And it won't be the last.

And then I brought them into the dressing room with me and tried them on with several outfits and realized that they are COOL. And I couldn't help but visualized wearing them during the summer at outdoor festivals with flowing dresses and feathered earrings. Or to a bar with chunky metallic and wooden necklaces and a short black dress. Or anywhere, really, since these shoes, even though they're super trendy, are quite versatile anyway.

Basically, I'm just really excited for the weather to warm up. Come on, summer!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Eighth Wonder

This morning I overslept and was already going to be late to class, even if I didn't style my hair, and even if my books were all together in my bad instead of scattered all under my bed, and even if I had planned out my outfit the night before. 

Which, of course, I hadn't.

There are a few reasons why I rarely plan an outfit a day in advance:
1) I like to dress according to my mood. What if I don't feel like wearing pants? What if I'm feeling a little depressed and would rather not wear sunny yellow? 
2) I live with three other girls. We shop at the same stores. While we might not have the same exact articles of clothing, our styles sometimes overlap, and I try not to dress like any one of them on a given day.
3) Weather. I'm big on checking forecasts days in advance, and in the morning as I'm getting ready to go out. 

And so, because I'm more of a spontaneous dresser than a planner, waking up late means bad news for me. Today, I would have killed to have this shirt in my dresser.

This Christopher Kane silk shirt would have solved all my problems this morning, and instead of missing class all together, I probably would have made it in the nick of time. King Kong suited my disgruntled mood at having woken up feeling unrested. The dark colors would easily match with any of my pants and my rain boots, and with the overcast sky and muddy puddles outside. And, I mean, it's just a really cool shirt, and I bet if I wore it I'd get a lot of comments on it. And comments on outfits are never a bad thing.

I spy with my little eye...

These Agent Provocateur ads are a bundle of never ending fun, just like those I-spy books we all had as kids. At first glance I thought they were too chaotic to handle and they made my eyes hurt, but when I studied them more closely, I began to like them. I feel like I should be trying to find Waldo, or a shadow in the shape of a bird, or the thing that does not belong -- every time I look at these ads, I discover something new.

"Pan and the Vestry of Virgins"

"Pirate Provocateur"

"The Season of the Witch Mystifying Virtual Challenge"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes not bathing can be cool.

Cobrasnake... once cool, now contrived. And I truly am sick of hipsters/scene kids, although I'll admit, sometimes they actually manage to strike some fashion-inspiration in me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Milan Fall 2009 RTW

Alessandro Dell'acqua -- Homeless hooker. Fabulous.

Blumarine -- This whole show was hopefully watched only by people who were tripping.

Bottega Veneta -- So elegant and timeless.

Burberry Prorsum -- I'm obsessed with black, what can I say?

Dsquared -- "I woke up hungover and still wearing my prom dress this morning, so I guess I'll just throw a scarf on to hide those hickeys, and a hat and glasses to hide my bloodshot eyes, and grab some Starbucks on the way to class." Niiiice.

Emilio Pucci -- I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with leather. And I really just want these boots.

Empirio Armani -- My fierce bff and I on our way to work at Vogue about three years from now.

Francesco Scognamiglio -- As much as I find this dress interesting, it really isn't "ready to wear."

Gianfranco Ferre -- Victorian vampire meets sex bomb.

Giorgio Armani -- Crazy jewelry.

Gucci -- Way too shiny in the best way possible.

Luisa Beccaria -- This gown makes me want to be queen of England for a day, just so I'd have an excuse to wear it.

Marni -- The perfect example of taking something out of your summer wardrobe and making it appropriate for colder weather.

Missoni -- I love the muted traditional Missoni print, and the peach color is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, this just looks ridiculously comfortable to wear.

Moschino -- Business woman meets French maid. Tres fantastique!

Moschino Cheap and Chic -- The good thing about the shirt is that you don't even have to wear anything underneath, thanks to those strategically-placed ruffles.

Prada -- The bottom half looks strictly prim and proper, but as your eyes move up... va-va-voom baby!

Versace -- I normally find Versace tacky, but this red gown was just stunning.