Friday, January 8, 2010

Cartoons for Grown-ups

Clearly I am behind the times. I only recently connected Lady Gaga's kermit the frog outfit (pictured below) to designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. I guess I never bothered to look up the designer -- I had always assumed Gaga's costume designers whipped up the outrageous piece. But to my surprise, it's a legitimate coat made by an actual designer as part of a real clothing collection.

I am now obsessed with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

My favorite pieces from his Fall 2009 RTW:

The teeth around the neck were so clever... like the model just killed the leopard and slipped its fresh skin on.
Big cats as the sleeves of the sweater dress and jacket. Innovative design.
The fuzzy animal skirts are juvenile, but when paired with the right tops and accessories, become cool rocker chick/party looks.
Hate the hat, but I love the construction of the leather skirt paired with the oversized t-shirt.
Lady Gaga's infamous coat looks much better on the model. It also looks more normal, for some reason.
Muppet cocktail dress? Yes please.
Again, incorporating the shape of the animal into the clothing design. The horse one in particular is stunning, with the mane acting as a funky shoulder fringe.
The Michael Jackson dress... amazing.

Highlights of Spring 2010 RTW:

There were a lot of nautical-inspired designs throughout this collection, but these were my too favorite. They both follow the theme but are very dainty and lady-like, and more wearable than the other pieces.
Again, like with the cat sleeves from the Fall 2009 RTW collection, the design cleverly becomes a part of the structure of the clothing.
Love the shape both skirts, and the print as well.
I couldn't figure out who the girl printed on the dress is, but I love it regardless. It's got a very mod feel... I could see it worn with a blazer and ankle boots.
I love the piece-y, almost tattered look of the skirt.
Again, incorporating the shape of the animal into the structure of the clothing, although I have to say I like the ones from the Fall 2009 RTW collection better... the color of the parrots combined with the stripes on the dress is a little too busy for my taste.
This is my favorite cartoon-ish skirt out of the bunch. Sort of reminds me of what I looked like when I was a kid.
Gaudy dress, but it's Elvis, so it has to be. Toned down with a jacket and tights, it could be an interesting night-out outfit.
The pirate theme I thought was cute. I'd never wear the parrot dress in public, but the printed on would make a cute beach cover-up.
My absolute favorite dress by de Castelbajac. So cool. It reminds me a little of the gator and gorilla t-shirts/dresses by Christopher Kane which is probably half the reason I like it.

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