Friday, May 8, 2009

All hail the supermodel

The 2009 Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala: The Model as Muse

Classic Kate looking a little too shiny for my tastes. I wish she wore something leather or fur or ripped... I much prefer her when she looks like a two-bit crackwhore. But seriously, I do. Grunge-y Kate is soooo much better.

Rose Byrne looking lovely in yellow Marc Jacobs. Except for the god awful rat's nest on her head. She would have pulled the dress off much better if her hair was styled sleeker, or pinned up entirely.

Mmmm Basshole/Motherchucker. Looking divine in Dior Homme.

Liv and Kate dazzle as always. Stella... I knew it was you who stole my lace stockings and decided to wear them as a unitard.

Shalom Harlow, wearing a custom-fit, vintage trash bag.

Sasha looking fabulous in peacock.

Beggar woman. Ugh.

Lou Doillon looking absolutely fabulous in a sculptural Nina Ricci gown.

Dear god, no. Looking anything but like a virgin in French prostitute get-up by Louis Vuitton.

Harlot, harlot, harlot.

Leighton, what the hell? You always look so good, so why today did you want to look like you came straight from the circus?

Chanel Haute Couture. How unoriginal and completely predictable, Kiki. Also, push-up bras were made for a reason.

How... penguiny of you. Perfect fit for the White Stripes, I suppose.

Amber Rose, I'm disappointed in you. Why are you all covered up? Why are you so boring?

Classy pimp/guido for the classy Marion Cotillard.

Flavia De Oliviera in Juan Carlos Obando with Chanel Iman in Zac Posen. Stunning. Two of my favorite gowns of the night.

I'm just glad she's wearing something underneath...

Oh, look. Emmy Rossum's face, channeling anime.

Dree Hemmingway looking fabulously rocker-chic in Alexander Wang. I think I would have chosen something a little less furry, however, considering the season.

Donatella and Allegra Versace looking very high school Homecoming chic.

Seriously one of the best looking couples in Hollywood, currently. Diane is such a Chanel woman.

Daria: sex bomb.

Atelier Versace... it's odd how some Versace can look so tacky and others look glorious.

Not too sure about Twiggy...

Siren, as always.

A little too slutty.

In a Roger Vivier necklace and shoes. And a trash bag. Two in the same night? Come on now.

Alex Wek's skin looking AMAZING against that bright color.

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