Sunday, May 17, 2009

If Prom were cooler...

... no one would have dates because everyone winds up ditching their dates at the dance anyway.
... chaperones would be non-existent.
... there would be live bands, instead of douche bag DJs who never play requested songs.
... it wouldn't end at midnight; it would last until much later.
... anyone under 16 years old would not be admitted.
... parents wouldn't make as big of a fuss taking pictures and embarrassing us.
... limo/party bus rides would be complimentary.
... country and over-played top 40 hits would be banned from the dance floor.
... creepy, groping stalkers would also be banned.
... feet would never hurt and you'd never get tired, no matter what.
... prom dresses would not be neon, covered in sparkles, mesh or rhinestones.
... no one would ever have the same dress as you.
... prom fashion would be high fashion, not macy's fashion. (it would be macy's price, though).

If I had my way, girls would be dressed like this...

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