Thursday, August 20, 2009

Because it's early still and I can't get out of bed...

Name an item of clothing that has been with you the longest:
If clothes I don't wear anymore count, onesies from when I was a baby that are in storage. If we're talking about clothing I have that I still wear... probably a pair of jeans from high school that still fit me (surprisingly), or this one blue sweater from Gap I've had since I was about 12 ha.

What’s an article of clothing that you can’t live without (BESIDES jeans)?
A really good, comfortable oversized cardigan in black. Keeps you warm and cozy, you can dress it up or dress it down, and it's good all year round.

Describe your perfect winter & summer footwear:
Winter: slouchy knee-high leather or suede boots in an earthy color. Summer: gladiator sandals.

What’s a good, ethical clothing brand you’d recommend?
Sharkah Chakra's eco-jeans. The only drawback is that the jeans are kinda pricey.

And what’s a brand you wouldn’t recommend?
I love fur. I do. I wouldn't go out and skin an animal that's on the endangered species list... but I see no harm in wearing cowhide or rabbit fur, etc... as long as the other parts of the animal are used as well (i.e. animals that aren't killed purely for the purpose of their skin). I hate PETA and their obnoxious way of protesting. Dumping red paint all over everything? I feel that does nothing but anger the newly bright red individual and come off as very middle school prankish. The organization does have some good points, however. PETA tells us not to buy Burberry fur because apparently the company has found ways of sneaking around fur industry regulations, and that to me, is a major no-no.

What’s the ugliest trend of all time?
Polka-dots, slutty euro club style, granma-looking anything, white tights, leggings paired with denim skirts, Ed Hardy. I'd take shoulder pads over any of these any day... even modified versions of shoulder pads can look hot (hellooo Fall 09/10 Balmain blazers).

And the prettiest?
Skinny jeans because when they fit right they instantly make your outfit look simultaneously more feminine and more edgy and more polished. Retro-inspired styles from the 40s and 50s: while not my cup of tea they make men look more charming and women more sophisticated.

What colors predominate in your wardrobe?
Mostly black, with random pops in various bright colors and prints.

What are your vintage shopping strategies (if you have them)?
I love love love vintage. Trends are always recycled which is why I hold on to old clothes that are still in good condition -- I know the style will come back eventually. Owning vintage is also nice because it means you'll have an article of clothing to wear that no one else has. Every time I'm home from school (Christmas, spring break, summer) I raid old boxes of clothes my mom has hidden away in the basement, and every time I do, I find new old things to steal from her -- slouchy bat-winged sweaters, pencil skirts, skin-tight turtle neck dresses perfect for winter parties, plaid shirts, cute flats, etc. And there's this store in Boston called the Garment District; the dollar-a-pound pile is amazing. You have to go on a good day, but if you dig hard enough you can find cute (and sometimes crazy) clothes to wear... and because it's a dollar-a-pound, five bucks will stretch so far.

What’s the most insane piece of clothing that you have ever owned?
These bright blue leopard print jeans I wore all the time in middle school, fringed suede boots (while not exactly an insane trend, hardly anyone at preppy Boston College wears them), lace up gladiators that are actually quite ugly when you think about it but for some reason I love them to death, and I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now...

If you could describe the majority of the clothes you own in one word, what would it be?

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