Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Little Weekend Inspiration

With Lollapalooza only two days away, there's very little time left to prepare. While stashing away beer money, researching unfamiliar bands, and building up a base tan and a high tolerance for heat and alcohol are priority, wardrobe is also another thing that must be planned in advance. Music festivals are homes for hipsters, so where better to draw inspiration from than thecobrasnake?

Here's what you'll need for this weekend:

dresses that make you look like proper ladies even if you don't act like it

dresses that are about to fall off, no bra required

dresses that are actually shirts

tiny shirts paired with spandex shorts


bold, graphic prints

something eye-catching to wear underneath a skirt incase it flies up while dancing

cropped shirts and shredded denim

teeny, tiny brightly colored shorts

an oversized shirt with a bandeau bra underneath

crazy printed denim cutoffs

unique sandals

picnic-themed kicks

feathers in your hair

a fedora to keep cool under

braids in your hair

candy-colored lipstick

crazy nails

bikinis that show off your tats

a make out buddy

one hippie friend

cigarettes to go with your beer.

*image cred goes to cobrasnake

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