Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pierre Hardy: Art-Inspired for Women's Summer 2010

One of the perils of college life is horrible internet connections. One internet box for one two-floor house (three girls on the top floor, three guys on the bottom). Pro: $7 a month each. Con: faulty connection. I've been trying to post this entry since the beginning of the week and finally I can!!

I've been recently very obsessed with Pierre Hardy's Summer 2010 shoe collection. Unfortunately, as a poor college gal I can't afford them, but I LOVE admiring them. It came to my immediate attention that there are similarities between these shoes and various forms of artwork ranging from primitive basket weaving to modern abstract paintings. And the best part about the shoes is though they have several very obviously different kinds of art that serve as inspiration for the designs, they do work together as a cohesive collection -- mainly by the block colors, defined lines, and geometric construction.

Here are some of my favorite pairs of shoes, and the artwork I associate with them:






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