Tuesday, March 31, 2009

perfectly hip(pie)

I got these Tuesday.

From Forever 21. For only $22.80. Good deal. They caught my eye the past two times I've been in the store, but I was reluctant to get them since they're a bit out there. And then I realized... it's not the first time I've bought crazy shoes. And it won't be the last.

And then I brought them into the dressing room with me and tried them on with several outfits and realized that they are COOL. And I couldn't help but visualized wearing them during the summer at outdoor festivals with flowing dresses and feathered earrings. Or to a bar with chunky metallic and wooden necklaces and a short black dress. Or anywhere, really, since these shoes, even though they're super trendy, are quite versatile anyway.

Basically, I'm just really excited for the weather to warm up. Come on, summer!

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