Friday, January 9, 2009


Apparently I'm on a shoe kick, since my last post was about them too. I went shopping with my good friend Jenny downtown yesterday, and I couldn't help but drool over all the shoe sales happening now. I didn't end up buying any shoes, partially because I spent my money on a purse, underwear, a bomber jacket, and a few tops, but boy did I want to. 

As big as I am on quality, I've always been a bigger fan of quantity -- I love having a lot of things in my wardrobe that I can mix and match to make a ton of different outfits. I get bored easily, I can't help it. There are three stores in particular that I'm a big supporter of. They all have a large selection of very cute shoes that are pretty good quality, and if you know when to go, you'll save a lot. Currently most stores are having big clearance sales since it's the end of the holiday season -- at Aldo you can save over 70% on some styles even.

Here are some of the best deals I found:


Miss Sixty Adrian Boot: Was $340.00, now $244.99
Dolce Vita Buckle Bootie: Was $250.00, now $174.99


Trivets Boot: Was $159.95, now $99.95
Midory Peep-toe Bootie: Was $149.95, now $109.99
Martiny Heeled Sandal: Was $149.95, now $89.99
Madalynn Heel: Was $109.95, now $69.95
Studder Sandal: Was $109.95, now $29.95 (My favorite deal of them all)
Shicago Sandal: Was $69.95, now $49.95 (I smiled when I saw the name of this shoe, not only because is it almost the name of my hometown, but because when I saw the bright yellow I couldn't help but imagine myself wearing them at the summer to the Taste of Chicago, or Lollapalooza haha I like planning outfits waaay in advance)
Danke Sandal: Was $109.95, now 49.95
Bask Gladiator Sandal: Was $89.95, now $49.95


Meredytha Ankle Boot: Was $12o.oo, now $44.98
Manoca Heeled Oxford: Was $70.00, now $20.98
Samii Bootie: Was $120.00, now $59.98
Froakak Kitten-heeled Gladiator: Was $90.00, now $64.98
Lavallee Fringed Gladiator: Was $90.00, now $49.98
Soroa Heeled Gladiator: Was $110.00, now $79.98

So hurry up and buy buy buy while they're still in stock! You can find all these styles both online and in the stores.
Happy shopping!

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