Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mellow Yellow

I was stunned at Michelle Obama's dress for the inauguration ceremony. She simply glowed. The color was a unique and perfect choice -- thank god for her chocolate brown skin tone. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of interesting color choices this presidency.

Her dress invoked a sense of freshness and optimism. The butter yellow, paired with muted green, gave off feeling of spring time -- a time of rebirth and change -- symbolic of the new presidency and policies. The dress was designed by Cuban-born American designer Isabel Toldeo. "There was talk of [Obama] choosing a bigger-name designer, someone like a Ralph Lauren or an Oscar de la Renta," style.com's Phelps said. "Her choice of Isabel Toledo shows that she really stands behind the entrepreneurial on-the-rise American designer."

Smart choice indeed.

Michelle Obama paired her yellow dress with vintage jewelry and gorgeous green leather gloves.

She wore "Glacier" Jimmy Choos. An interesting choice for a First Lady.

A look at her outfit without the coat.

The new power couples. I thought Jill Biden looked great as well. I'm sick of all the comments that her skirt is too short or that the tall boots are "racy." Condy Rice has already worn the same. Get over it, media. Besides, boots were a practical choice. Helloooo it's winter??

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