Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Feature: Boyd Holbrook ("that model-poet")

Anthem #34, "Who's that Boyd?"
Model: Boyd Holbrook
Photographer: Leonard Grego

Three of Boyd's poems:

Unnoticed Details
Scarecrow Face,
leather eye lids,
rubber skin,
velvet lips,
plastic fingernails,
corduroy fingerprints,
fine steel hair,
flower peddle teeth,
paper cut wrinkles,
read between the line thoughts,
jelly blood,
90-degree posture,
giant steps,
and this is me.


Oh Really...
Empty head enemies follow me
as I chase the sound of the symphony.
so unbearably delightful that they want
to associate with me.


Edith's Reincarnation
The sounds of violins crept through the vents,
a voice crawls up the wall
and tears crawled down my chest.
Love makes a puddle...
Sounds like something mumbling above me.
My teeth hold in my screams
the pressure pops open my jaw and I finally scream.
Sweat petals touch.
Please, go forth you loved too much,
whispers only the blessed can hear.
Transcend we are no longer able to relate.
I hibernate in dark silence insisting that she will
return with the gift of the morning sun.


  1. i just get them. i read unnoticed details and i just see... each and every line. not just in the man himself. in every person. flower petal teeth. paper cut wrinkles. i see -- every version from every person that i've ever seen. so simple yet so... memory inducing? i'm pretty sure those aren't the words i'm looking for, but they'll have to do.