Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Zippless

Dazed and Confused Magazine, November 2003
: Toyin
Models: Dominic Brider, Jimmy Pearce
Illustrations: Jo Ratcliffe, Claire Durbridge, Kes and Dan

Dirt, grunge, and rock n' roll. This shoot is trashy in the best way possible. I particularly love the sixth photo, of the model crouched, a blanket wrapped around himself. The shoot as a whole though is amazing -- I love the contrast and the over (or under) exposure of some of the photos, and I especially like the way they combined different medias, utilizing photos, illustrations, and little snippits of poems. I'm also glad to see the models are dynamic and very facially expressive. Overall, this is a unique spin on the usual male fashion editorials which are generally full of extremely pretty boys doing absolutely nothing (i.e. boring).

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